"European Dialogue" has launched a new forward looking expert platform


On October 26 the round table “Russia in Europe: current agenda” took place at the Sakharov Center in Moscow.  It is the first event held by the “European Dialogue” Expert Group. The Group was formed in 2016 to stimulate a discussion on the global and intergovernmental issues faced by “Greater Europe”, and to engage the Russian expert community and civil society into an active dialogue.

The Group currently consists of more than 100 experts and civil society activists who share European values and principles, stand for abandoning the confrontational approach as soon as possible and returning to the compliance with the norms and principles of international law, who believe that a permanent dialogue is needed on the current global and intergovernmental issues, as well as those related to the countries’ internal development.

The Group’s presentation started with three impulse-reports – “Russian internal policy: progress versus degradation” by Evgeny Gontmakher, “The Russian constitutional choice: East or West?” by Elena Lukyanova, and “Russia and Europe: together or separately in constructing the European security system” by Tatiana Parkhalina.

The reports were met with great interest and brought the guests into a further discussion. The participants of the round table included experts in political science, history, economics, sociology, political geography and law, civic leaders, journalists from Russian and foreign media, representatives of foreign foundations, think tanks and the Delegation of the European Union to Russia, - such as Sergey Tsyplyaev, President at “Respublica” Foundation; Lev Gudkov, Director at Y. Levada Analytical Center (Levada-Center); Yulia Galyamina, civic leader; Anatoly Golubovsky, Vice-president at “Education in the Third Millennium” Foundation; Igor Yurgens, Chair of the Board at Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR); Johannes Voswinkel, Regional Director at Heinrich B?ll Foundation Moscow office; Vasily Zharkov, Institute of Social Sciences, RANEPA (RANHiGS); Dmitry Gudkov, politician;  Konstantin Eggert, publicist and presenter at “Dozhd” TV channel; Andrey Arkhangelsky, Editor at “Ogonyok” journal; Andrey Kolesnikov, journalist; Sergey Kulik, Director of INSOR projects on international development issues; Vladimir Ryzhkov, politician; Magdalena Grono, International Crisis Group; Ekaterina Shulman, political analyst, and many others.

During the three-hour discussion the participants touched upon such topics as global development trends, problems faced by societies in transition, global and European security issues, the perspectives of Russia’s European future, and other issues that are currently in the spotlight of the Russian intellectual community.

The Group’s presentation and round table were followed by the meeting between the members of the “European Dialogue” Coordinating Board and the European Union Ambassador to the Russian Federation Vygaudas U?ackas. During the long conversation, which went in a friendly and open manner, the participants discussed the possibilities and format of the “European Dialogue” experts’ participation in implementing the “EU policy and outreach partnership” program. The consultations will be continued in the very near future.

The event was televised live by “Svoboda” radio station.

We shall also make a video report about the event in the coming days – it will be available on our website and Facebook page.

Dear colleagues and friends, stay tuned for more updates!