“Liberal Agenda for the 21st Century

  1. Working title: Liberal Agenda for the 21st Century
  2. Start of the project: January 2017

End of the project:  December 2017

  1. Goals:

formulation of a new solution to existing political challenges that would incorporate the liberal values framework of individual freedom and responsibility;

– search for answers, how liberals and the society could restore trust and mutual understanding in the face of contemporary global challenges.

  1. Preliminary action plan:

– January 2017, Moscow – orientation workshop, definition of the core team (4-5 persons), dates and formats of the upcoming events, technical task and methodology of the research, structure and content of the final report;

– February-April 2017, Moscow – 2-3 round tables with the participation of 15-20 Russian experts and 3-4 foreign experts;

– May-July 2017 – draft report elaboration, review and comments by interested parties involved in the project;

– September 2017, Moscow– presentation and discussion of the final report in the framework of the international conference “New answers to the challenges of non-freedom”.

– November 2017 – presentation of the final report in Brussels

  1. Organizers: “European Dialogue” Expert Group, Friedrich Naumann Foundation
  2. Participants: leading Russian and foreign experts in political sciences, sociology, economics, history and culture.
  3. Program director: Vladimir Ryzhkov +