"European Russia"

  1. Project name: «European Russia»
  2. Project start date: December 2016

Project end date: November 2017

  1. Goals:

- to conduct a complex research and a series of international in-depth expert discussions on Russia’s place within the European (Western) civilization as a response to the report by F. Lukyanov and A. Miller, “Detachment Instead of Confrontation: Post-European Russia in Search of Self-Sufficiency”, (it will not only permit to set forth counterarguments, but will also permit to fill the gaps of the original report on economics and the role of public opinion);

- to continue and expand the recently started public discussion on Russia’s civilizational choice among Russian intellectuals and in the society as a whole (counterpropaganda);

- to form a core group within the “European Dialogue” Expert Group that will promote the European agenda and values in later projects.


  1. Preliminary schedule of activities:

February 2017, Moscow – a keynote session with Russian experts (15-20 people):

forming  the core team  (4-5 people), specifying the name, goals and objectives of the project, the timing and format of planned events, as well as the contents, methodology and structure of the final report (40-60 pages in length).

February-March 2017, Moscow – holding two round tables involving 15 to 20 Russian experts and 3 to 4 foreign experts; conducting a survey of the public sentiment in the Russian society in cooperation with Y. Levada Analytical Center.

April 2017 – finalizing the draft of the final report, distributing the report to the parties concerned.

May 2017, Europe – holding an international conference featuring Russian and European experts; finalizing the report based on the feedback from the discussion.

June-September 2017, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Brussels, London, Berlin – presenting the final report to the public.

October-November 2017, Moscow or Berlin – public debates (“duel”) with the Lukyanov-Miller group; translating the report into German and English, publication and distribution of the report.

  1. Host organizations: “European Dialogue” Expert Group, a European partner.
  2. Participants: leading Russian and European experts in history, economics, sociology, law, and social sciences.
  3. Program Director: Nikolay Petrov – member of the Coordinating Board, “European Dialogue” Expert Group, Head of the Center of Political and Geographic Research, Professor at the National Research University “Higher School of Economics”.