Euro Digest. A collection of publications on Russia and Europe for the first two weeks of September.

Traditional Euro Digest, containing articles and researches on Europe and Russia for the first half of September 2018. In this issue you will find: a more detailed look into 2018 State of the Union Speech of Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission. The address focused on migration and common defence policy, but unlike the previous speech, barely mentioned reforms inside the European Union. Analysis of the Spinelli Group manifest. An intellectual product of European federalists that outlines their vision EU reforms. European press on the results of the parliamentary elections in Sweden where the ultra-right Swedish Democrats received almost 18% of votes. Back to Sweden again: we have read ECFR research on Sweden’s influence in EU and recommendations on enhancing this influence in the view of the fact that Britain, traditional Swedish ally, is no longer in EU. We have listened to “Asks Judy” expert discussion in Carnegie foundation about populism and ways to contain it both in Europe and across the globe.

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