The Comparative Politics of the Coronavirus Pandemic

We recommend a podcast by PONARS Eurasia on how countries fight coronavirus. In the conversation with Maria Lipman Şener Aktürk speaks out on why pandemics became a global shock. Şener is an expert in the field of nationalism, ethnicity, and religion. Speaker claims that wide media coverage distinguishes coronavirus from predecessors. The virus pushed to reconsider global transformations in place, such a rise of China. The disease challenged state capacity and tested societal mobilizational capacity

How have different systems of government influenced responses to the COVID-19 pandemic? Why have some countries managed to effectively curb the spread of the Coronavirus, while others continue to see rising numbers of infections and fatalities? What can we learn from exploring these comparisons, and how will social attitudes and state policies change moving forward?

In this week’s episode, Maria Lipman chats with Şener Aktürk to learn more about the comparative politics of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Photo Maria Lipman. Source

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