Appeal of Belarusian scholars and Creative professionals to the International Community


We appeal to all civilized countries for which human life and dignity are undeniable values that lie at the heart of social life. You know from your own experience that it is the sharing of these values that allows your societies to develop. Political life in your countries is based on the recognition of these values, no matter how controversial and conflictual it may be. The principles of justice and the rule of law are also based on the recognition of the unconditional value of human life and dignity.

Belarus is a European country, whose people today openly and selflessly defend their lives and dignity against the authoritarian regime that has shown the world that it is determined to assert power in the country at any cost. Our protest is against the political system under which unlawful persecution, beatings, torture and physical destruction of innocent people are permissible. Today, the current government, headed by Alexander Lukashenko, consistently implements this very policy, demonstratively ignoring both the norms of the Belarusian Constitution and international agreements on respect for human rights.

In this situation, we appeal to you as like-minded fellows and ask for effective support to the Belarusian people, which will help us to restore the rule of law in the country for the sake of ensuring security for all citizens and a civilized future for our country. For this to be possible, we need to work together to ensure that:

• violence is stopped in the country
• all political prisoners are released
• new elections of the President of the Republic of Belarus are held

We are convinced that the Belarusian society is ready to decide independently the fate of its country and we hope for your assistance in initiating the negotiation process between the Coordinating Council and representatives of the current authorities. Only peaceful negotiations can bring Belarus back onto a course of legitimacy and commitment to humanistic values.


From 10th to 13th of September 2020,
356 Belarusian scholars and creative professionals signed this Appeal.

Svetlana Aleksijevič, writer, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, PEN Belarus President
Alexey Andreev, chief-editor “Monolog”
Alhierd Bacharevič, writer
Siarhej Chareuski, writer, art and architecture historian, lecturer at the European
Humanities University
Yulia Cimafiejeva, poet, translator
Ihar Lohvinau, independent publisher, recipient of IPA Freedom to Publish Award
Uladzimir Matskevich, methodologist, philosopher, founder of the Flying University
Taciana Niadbaj, writer, human rights defender, PEN Belarus Vice President
Iryna Ramanava, historian, professor of the European Humanities University
Tatiana Shchyttsova, philosopher, professor of the European Humanities University
Hanna Sieviaryniec, writer, teacher
Dmitri Strotsev, poet, publisher, member of Belarusian PEN-center
Tatsiana Vadalazhskaya, sociologist, program coordinator Flying University
Ruslan Vashkevich, artist, curator
Vadzim Glinnik, architect, director of the Center of Architectural Conservation
Uladzimir Parfianok, photographer, curator of exhibition projects, member of ICOM
Stsiapan Stureika, chair of ICOMOS-Belarus National Committee
Nicolai Khalezin, writer, theatre director, art-director of Belarus Free Theatre
Natalia Kaliada, producer, art-director of Belarus Free Theatre
Luidmila Sidarkevich, actress (Republican Theater of Belarusian Drama)
Aliaksandr Malchanau, actor
Maryna Zdarankova, actress
Аlena Bayarava, actress
Hanna Kazlova, actor
Aliaksandr Karalevich, individual entrepreneur
Volya Dzemka, filmmaker / director
Ales’ Pushkin, artist
Tatsiana Papova, actress (Novij Theatre, Minsk)
Juri Jakovenko, artist
Ihar Malashchanka, photographer
Nadzeya Ilyushenka, researcher
Ella Perekhod, producer
Alena Arlanava, psychologist
Volha Sukhanitskaya, drawing teacher
Galina Kashevskaya, researcher
Pavel Tatarnikau, artist, illustrator, lecturer at the State Academy of Arts
Мarina Zakatova, filmmaker
Andrei Zavarzin, buisnessman
Andrey Anro, artist
Inna Yarmolkevich, tutor
Siarhiej Dubaviec, writer
SviatlanaTsimokhina, actress
Alexey Dmitriev, icon painter
Volha Babkova, theatre
Ian Probstein, professor, poet, translator
Liliya Pavlova, artist
Olga Zlotnikova, poet
Andrei Khadanovich, poet, translator, member of Belarusian PEN-center
Natalia Dedeiko, actress
Igor Andreev, actor
Nadzeya Barai, artist
Halina Ramanava, artist, teacher
Natalya Parahnevich, artist
Hanna Yankuta, writer, translator
Aksana Haiko, theatre director, actress, director of KX Space
Natalia Ilyashevich, architect
Ales Arkush, writer
Galina Skorynina, interior designer
Irina Donskova, artist
Andrew Gnyot, film director
Svetlana Tupakhina, artist
Mikalai Kautsevich, IT manager
Larissa Samasiuk, artist
Olga Danilliuk, artist
Irina Matskevich, mathematician
Piotr Kalachyn, programmer, translator, teacher, songwriter
Ihar Krebs, translator
Darya Belakapytava, graphic designer
Ina Kaliada, actress
Iaanna Uładyka, translator
Andrei Melnikau, writer, bard, member of Belarusian PEN-center
Olga Nezhenets, teacher
Hanna Silivonchyk, artist
Ivan Dashkov, ceramic artist
Vasil Piashkun, painter
Alena Lapatniova, translator
Lioha Chycanas, playwright
Tatsiana Kozik, artist
Igor Barash, deputy director of Jerusalem Mental Health Center
Pavel Dorokhin, illustrator
Alena Pratasevich, curator, researcher at Memorial Museum Studio of Zair Azgur (Minsk)
Siarhiei Siarhieieu, painter
Zmicier Dziadzienka, journalist, writer
Uladzislau Vouk, cameraman
Tatsiana Kulazhenka, designer
Volha Hapeyeva, poet, writer
Alexey Vorsoba, musician
Natallia Vasilevich, theologian, political scientist, director of Centre “Ecumena”
Liudmila Zakharchenia, music teacher
Viachaslau Sashcheka, PhD, associate professor
Yemelyanau Aliaksandr , writer, translator
Uladzimir Maksimkau, TV-producer, advertiser
Veranika Buslayeva, actress
Ina Sorkina, PhD in History
Tatiana Svetashova, poet, philologist
Uladzimir Sorkin, PhD in Law
Kustov Vladimir, director of Show Theatre, actor, teacher of mime
Raman Aksionau, artist
Kirill Skorynin, architect/creative director
Mikhail Samusenko, actor
Vera Zhybul, philologist, writer
Alena Igrusha, artist, laureate of the National Theatre Award of the Republic of Belarus
Volha Babkova, Janka Kupala National Theatre
Uladzimir Ushakou, art director (modern art theatre)
Olga Kubekina, costume designer
Mariia Bidoula, film producer
Darya Brankevich, theatre and cinema actress
Yuliya Charniauskaya, lecturer, PhD, writer
Galina Dolya, actress, artist
Pavel Starovoitov, physicist, researcher
Natallia Slashcova, actress, director
Viktar Zhybul, poet, literary historian, archivist
Dzmitry Mastsianitsa, director of ex-theatre “EYE”
Maryna Dashuk, theatre producer
Raman Abramchuk, tour guide, musician
Pavel Kuziukovich, musician
Andre Boehm, DAAD-Lecturer
Maryna Ramanenka, scientist, junior researcher at the Institute of Chemistry
of New Materials
Maksim Kuzmich, scientist
Siarhei Misiul, programmer
Dzmitry Karneyenka, software engineer, founder of the Light Industry Equipment Engineers Community, PhD candidate in Mechanics
Gregory Nesterov, artist, culturologist, curator
Katsiaryna Shymanovich, composer
Valeryia Sidzenka, doctor
Alexander Pavlovets, software engineer
Alex Dread, creator
Mikoła Chaustowicz, historian of Literature, professor
Natalia Rusiecka, PhD in Philology
Natallia Kudashkina, theatre sculptor
Anton Glavinski, doctor
Aliaksei Vaitusionak, junior researcher
Alla Kozhinowa, professor Dr Habil. Belarusian State University
Natallia Chaadayeva, programmer
Anatoli Sanatsenka, writer
Volha Yahorava, musicologist
Vasili Kazlou, actor
Siarhei Zhbankou, actor
Siamion Davydzenka, lighting designer
Kiryl Staselka, writer, researcher at the Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Igor Tishin, artist
Alice Murlina, artist, sculptor
Mitry Semenov-Aleinikov, film director
Siarhei Malaletkin, writer
Nikolai Ivashin, researcher, leader researcher at the Institute of Physics Belarus
Academy of Sciences
Boris Levin (Seregin), SAP consultant, song writer
Sabina Brylo, poet
Andriej Moskwin, philologist, culturologist, Professor of Warsaw University
Siarhiej Prylucki, writer
Natallia Klimovich, associate professor of Department of Infection Diseases
Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
Boris Stern, poet (Israel)
Alana Ivory, stage director
Aleh Sidorchyk , actor
Robert Kiselev, business consultant
Svetlana Mishurova, doctor
Iryna Charniauka, journalist, TV-producer
Katsiaryna Matsiyeuskaya, translator
Iryna Shvets, artist, sculptor
Georgi Likchtarovich, photographer
Maria Petrojitskaia, 1st assistant director
Dzianis Kastsiuchenka, filmmaker
Alexei Ivanov, artist
Ihar Ryneiski, anaesthesiologist
Shauchuk Yuliya, actress, director
Boris Zaborov, artist, honorary member of the Accademia d’elle Arti del Disegno, Firenze
Yuryy Krupenkov, artist
Mikhail Karpuk, senior researcher, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Henadz Korshunau, director of the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Andrei Sauchanka, theatre director, professor of acting
Aliaksandr Laneuski, PhD in History
Illa Sin, writer, performance artist
Iosif Haikovich, production designer
Andrei Rasinski, film critic, journalist
Siarhej Šapran, literary historian
Ihar Zaltkou, musician, interpreter, museum researcher
Dmitrij Miłowanow, graphic designer
Olga Dolzhenkova, English instructor at Minsk State Linguistic University
Marina Rutkovskaya, instructor, Italian Language Dept
Daria Vashkevich, translator, writer
Sergey Mikhalenko, chairman of the Belarusian Association of Photographers
Vitali Shchutski, PhD candidate, lecturer at the University Paris 8
Olga Goritskaya, linguist
Almira Ousmanova, philosopher, professor of the European Humanities University
Anastasiya Tushina, medic, Belarusian State Medical University
Aleh Kopach, associate professor of the Minsk State Linguistic University
Andrei Gornykh, philosopher, professor of the European Humanities University
prot. Sergty Gorbik, priest in the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, historian, theologian
Elina Kazakova, editor, poet, translator
Sviatlana Vetrava, artist
Anatol Ivaščanka, poet, PhD in Philology
Oleg Metelitsa, chief researcher at Logos Biosystems
Mikhas Skobla, writer, journalist
Aliaksandr Idzelchyk, sound producer
Marina Aksenchyk, tutor (Spanish)
Natallia Baranovskaya, opera director, actress
Arthur Chaikovski, physicist, junior researcher.
Tatiana Kushner, songwriter
Yuri Stayunichau, film director, associate professor of the European Humanities University
Katiaryna Yavorskaya, actress
Siarhei Budkin, art-manager
Sviatlana Kurylik (Loktysh), journalist, writer
Ihar Babkou, writer
Irina Kodiukova, director, animator, lecturer at the European Humanities University
Maria Gorelaia, costume designer
Raman Tsymberau, publisher
Maxim Zhbankou, cultural analyst, columnist, co-founder of the Belarusian Collegium
Vasil Andreyev, designer
Olga Vodchyts, actress
Valeryja Kustava, poet, writer, anchorwoman, teacher
Palina Kachatkova (Stsepanenka), writer
Iryna Sidorenko, PhD, surgeon
Ales Antsipenka, philosopher
Volga Reptykh, actress
Elena Vnukova, actress
Palina Chabatarova, student of the Academy of Arts
Marina Sobowska, artist
Andrey Tsapko, teacher
Diana Betsun, artist-designer
Maxim Tyminko, artist, curator
Alena Toustsik, art critic
Vladimir Starovoitov, physicist, deputy director of research firm
Olga Kotikova, associate professor of the Belarusian National Technical University
Zakhar Shibeko, professor of history at Tel Aviv University
Аlexandr Silvanovich, artist
Yuri Ivanov, art critic, teacher.
Yuliya Shatun, visual artist, writer
Liavon Volski, musician, writer
Tatsiana Trapets, teacher
Volga Wasjakova, music teacher
Iryna Darafeichuk, poet
Basovich Elena, music teacher
Ales Faley, artist
Pavel Arakelian, musician, cultural manager
Lidia Lysiuk, psychologist, professor of Brest State A.S/ Pushkin University
Angelika Krasheuskaya, theatre/cinema
Mack Ryazanov, artist, designer
Ala Rachkouskaya, associate professor of the Minsk State Linguistic University
Yuliya Misiul, editor
Irina Mesnikova, professor assistant at the Belarusian State Medical University
Alena Savitskaya, editor
Jadwiga Kozłowska-Doda, Dr. hab., Poland, Lublin, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University
Darya Buben, photographer
Nataliya Tsiarentsyeva, educator
Alexander Litin, local historian, photographer
Helena Molchan, theatre director, teacher
Alexandr Marchenko, stage director
Alena Klopava, director of amateur folk theatre “Time”
Aliaksei Rusinovich, doctor of science, retiree
Tatiana Radsivilko, artist
Aliaksandr Kalbaska, historian, professor of the European Humanities University
Olga Shparaga, philosopher, ECLAB
Galina Malishevskaya, media manager
Dmitri Plax, Swedish PEN, member of the board
Yaugeniya Jukovich, actor
Basil Jukovich, writer
Anton Sholukh, scientist, immunologist, senior staff scientist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Youri Abdourahmanov, Heritage and Time Foundation’s director
Pavel Barkouski, PhD., lecturer at Belarusian State University
Margarita Shevtsova, student (philosophy)
Krystsina Makarevich, physicist, researcher, PhD student
Izmer Alisa, student (psychology)
Dmitry Astashko, Head of Organic Chemistry Department, Belarusian State University
Natasha Piatrunia, PhD, Geoscience
Kate Yourusova, student
Evgeny Wrublevski, cinematographer
Pavel Piatrou, senior lecturer, chair of Electronics and Nanotechnology, Department
of Radiophysics and Computer Technology, Belarusian State University
Oksana Ulanovich, associate professor, PhD in psychology
Ilona Drozdovich, student
Tatsiana Kastsiuk, biologist, research assistant
Dzmitry Kreydzich, student
Francišak Korzun, translator
Yauhenya Kulbachnaya, actress
Ala Savashevich, artist
Maryna Shukiurava, singer, vocal coach, cultural activist
Valery Dudko, art conservator-restorer, sculptor
Uladzimir Niakliaeu, poet, member of Belarusian PEN-center
Yauheniya Kislaya, translator, interpreter
Mikalai Kozel, head of the Laboratory of Biophysics and Biochemistry of Plant Cells, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Nadya Divakova, illustrator
Vladimir Shimarov, songwriter, software engineer at MIAX Exchange Group, PhD
Siarhei Haiko, stage designer
Andrei Karatkevich, computer scientist, professor of AGH University of Science
and Technology
Mary Loginovskaya, student
Tatsiana Karpachova, artist, fine arts teacher
Maksim Shumilin, photographer, concert manager
Jury Paciupa, poet, linguist
Alena Zhevnerovich, senior lecturer, English teacher
Nastassia Akunevich, designer
Andrei Khadziankou, PhD in Agriculture
Igor Satsevich, musician, composer
Volha Hapiyenka, senior lecturer, Belarusian State University
Liavon Barshcheuski, PhD, linguist, teacher, translator
Inna Reut, art historian
Tetyana Dzyadevych, assistant professor of Russian at New College of Florida
Svetlana Khidchenko, professor of medicine, Belarusian State Medical University
Nataliya Yeromina, professor of medicine
Alla Vaysband, philosopher, art historian, musicologist, translator
Andrei Kudinenko, film director
Marharyta Rouba, researcher, PhD student of the Belarusian State University
Ihar Yukhnevich, designer
Anastasiya Shchyttsova, lecturer at the Belarusian University of Culture and Arts
Lija Plotnikava, journalist
Olga Saevets, lecturer
Arthur Vakarau, graphic designer, owner “Adliga Studio”
Hunefa Matsiuschenkava, artist, teacher
Volha Siakhovich, law expert for the Belarusian Association of Journalists
Yuliya Astapovich, artist
Yaugen Nadtochey, director-animator, production designer, artist
Alesia Rochat, linguist, teacher, Collège d’André-Chavanne, Geneva
Siarhej Valasiuk, PhD, associate professor of Department of Botany and Ecology
Mikhail Kaminski, associate professor of the Department of Choreography, Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts
Hanna Davidovich, PhD (Belarusian State University), clinical psychologist
Alena Pivavar, teacher, craftsman
Marina Kanapelka, scientist
Elena Krivonos, actress
Olga Shutova, Docteur ès sciences humaines et politiques, historian, Laboratory of Francysk Skaryna Studies
Andrei Liashchynski, journalist
Nadzeja Buncevich, musicologist, music and theatre critic, senior lecturer at the Belarusian State Academy of Music
Mikhail Volodin, writer
Darja Shevchuk, iсon painter
Zmicer Kuzmenka, historian, writer
Tatsiana Sinitsa, associate professor of the Department of Psychology, Belarusian
State University
Elena Makarova, Doctor of medicine
Ivan Siutsou, astrophysicist, Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Valentina Kiselyova, Director Y Gallery of Contemporary Art
Zhanna Gladko, artist
Aliaksei Luniou, artist
Oleg Yushko, artist
Tatyana Savchits, teacher
Nadzeya Yakauleva, veterinarian
Andrei Dureika, artist
Natalia Klyshevich, teacher
Natallia Krautsova, senior lecturer at the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts
Yury Karpitski, pharmacist, doctor
Aliaksandr Komarov, artist
Aliaksei Kachanovich, PhD student, KIT, Karlsruhe
Ulyana Veryna, associate professor
Olga Skvortsova, choreographer, actress
Semyon Savitsky, student
Aksana Sprynchan, poet
Lora Dounar, bibliography, professor
Denis Romanovski, artist
Julia Kasiuk, scientific researcher in physics, Belarusian State University
Anna Pobol, associate professor
Elena Popova, writer
Mikhail Garous, artist, curator
Elena Gutina, musician, teacher
Dzianis Ramaniuk, publisher, photographer
Polina Pirahova, art teacher
Gena Mushpert, theatre director
Padvitski Tsimafei, PhD researcher
Natalya Zaloznaya, artist
Arseny Kolmykov, video editor
Oleg Chechenev, theatre actor, director
Svetlana Sorokina, Medical doctor, MD, PhD, GrandPhD
Irina Dubovskaya, physicist, associate professor
Hanna Marshava, ceramist, master

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