Thirty years of the post-Soviet Europe

Major historical events that happened 30 years ago in 1989 to a large extent determined the way Europe looks today. It was the year when Mikhail Gorbachev started his political reform. Our new project will help to understand how that turned out and what lessons should be learnt for the future

Liberalism. Theoretical foundation of the liberal world order

Another seminar from "XXI century liberal agenda" series of events took place. The seminar was organized by the European Dialogue Expert Group with support from Friedrich Naumann Foundation Russia. As usual it was a meeting between Russian and European experts who this time discussed crisis of liberal values in the context of international relations. Here are six key points of this two-hour discussion for your attention

Faces of the European Dialogue in 2018

End of the year is a good time to reflect on the year’s results. Just like everyone else we are looking back at our achievements in 2018. People who enable the dialogue represent both key result and achievement of our public forum. In 2018 a lot of new people came to the European Dialogue and we are delighted to tell you more about them

"Just the fact that we started to debate if Russia belongs in Europe over again indicates that we are back in Europe"

On November 23 a roundtable discussion “Go, Russia. But where to? To Europe or out of it?” took place in St. Petersburg. Prominent Moscow and St. Petersburg experts in international relations, social philosophy, history, political science and geography took part in it. Here are key conclusions written down by Nickolay Petrov, member of the European Dialogue Expert Group over the course of the debate

Go, Russia. But where to? To Europe or out of it?

On November 23 St. the European University of St.Petersburg is hosting a roundtable discussion within the framework of The European Russia series of talks, organised by the European Dialogue Expert Group with support from Konrad Adenauer Foundation Russia

The European Dialogue Expert Group at the First Paris Peace Forum

The First Paris Peace Forum organised following Emmanuel Macron’s initiative is over. Eugene Gontmakher, economist, represented the European Dialogue Expert Group at this event and participating in discussion “Regaining diplomatic trust. The role of civic society” highlighted results of the Group’s work

Basic income as a prologue to XXI-century social policy

We are delighted to present key takeaways from the international scientific and practical conference, which was held by the Higher School of Economics with support from the The European Dialogue Expert Group and Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Russia

Liberalism and revival of religion and church

All post-Soviet countries, including Russia, undergo a religious revival, which is often accompanied by stronger conservatism. In this case it is important to define whether there are any liberal scenarios which imply interaction among individuals, society, church, and religion?

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