Liberalism and revival of religion and church

All post-Soviet countries, including Russia, undergo a religious revival, which is often accompanied by stronger conservatism. In this case it is important to define whether there are any liberal scenarios which imply interaction among individuals, society, church, and religion?

A delegation from the European Dialogue Expert Group visited Brussels

The European Dialogue Expert Group participated in a number of meetings with representatives from European political and economic institutions, think tanks and universities in Brussels. Nickolay Petrov, a member of our delegation, shares his view on the trip and achieved agreements

The Quadrologue in Warsaw

European Dialogue Group experts Leonid Gozman and Georgiy Chizhov take part in a meeting of the Quadrologue project in Warsaw on September 26-27. The Quadrologue is a dialogue between members of the expert community of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Germany that has continued since 2015 and is dedicated to the restoration of peace and security to Eastern Europe after the events of 2014. This year, experts from France have joined the participants

XIII Russian Green Forum.How is Russia’s relationship with EU evolving?

On September 13-14th Berlin hosted XIII Russian Green Forum, which was organised by Boell Foundation and Memorial. Amid exchange of sanctions and with general political tensions between the parties the Forum remains a meaningful format of Russo-European dialogue at civil, expert, and political levels

A start of a new project

The European Dialogue expert group presented its new project: series of open interviews “From the European Point of View: Who is the bearer of European values in the present-day world?” The announcement was made at the autumn kick-off ceremony in Blagosfera centre within the presence of non-profit organisations, governmental officials, and mass media. The string of reflections by the members of the European Dialogue group upon the eternal question “Does Russia belong in Europe” will start with an interview with Markus Ederer, EU Ambassador to Russia. The interview will take place on the 24th of September and Eugene Gontmakher, the Ambassador’s companion, invites everyone to take part in the conversation.

Berlin. Round Table on the European Future of Russia

In June 18-19, 2018 “European Dialogue” expert group and Konrad Adenauer Foundation organised a joint conference themed “Is Russia a European Country?”, where experts discussed civilisational options available to Russia and values of its people.

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