Mathieu Boulègue: I don’t see European policy toward Russia, apart from the policy of sanctions

A member of “European Dialogue” Expert Group Nickolay Petrov interviewed Mathieu Boulègue, a research fellow at Chatham House and an expert in Eurasian security and defence issues as well as in Russia’s domestic and foreign policy. They discussed the EU-Russia relations, the situation in Ukraine and how the international order will look like after Brexit

Levente Littvay: I had to work hard in sorting out how I personally feel about political actors I agree with ideologically but find them to be quite populist.

So, recently we observed the elections in two countries with the populist government. In Poland PiS won elections, while in Hungary Viktor Orbán’s center-left challenger became a mayor of Budapest. What may explain the difference? When citizens remain faithful to populist government and when they turn its back on them? I have to admit that I know a bit more about…

A peace settlement in the Donbas: big talk and small commitments

The recent signing of the Steinmeier Formula, which outlines the implementation of the Minsk Agreements of 2015, left neither signatories nor observers indifferent. In Ukraine, the move has provoked a wave of discontent. In pro-European circles, it spawned some cautious optimism. The Russian authorities, who had promoted this formula and achieved, so it would seem, success, have also not rushed to celebrate victory. On…

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