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The turning point. Chronicles of the Ukrainian revolution

The European Dialogue Expert Group supported publishing of the most comprehensive account of events that took place in Ukraine in 2013-2015and are now known as the Revolution of Dignity. In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the Euromaidan revolution we publish an excerpt from the final chapter of this book. A number of authors have contributed to the publication under the editorship of Georgy Chizhov

Russia and Ukraine. Four scenarios of the future

As once again became clear from the recent events in the Kerch Strait and their aftermath, relations between Russia and Ukraine are changing from bad to worse. So what can these changes possibly result in?

The Donbass: between the war and development prospects

Political situation that developed in the east of Ukraine in 2014-2015 spurred a lot of changes both in that area and all over the country. Igor Semivolos, political analyst and executive director, Center for Middle East Studies is looking into the significance and speed of this change in an attempt to assess its overall impact upon the country

Party life. Hot summer and versions of a future parliament

We have already written about the balance of power in Ukraine on the verge of elections. Last week our analysts looked into what could happen right after the elections and during the fight for the Parliament. We have come up with four scenarios

Ukrainian elites and the presidential campaign

Our Ukraine Today issue focuses on the upcoming presidential elections. We tried to find answers to four questions: 1. What chances does Petro Poroshenko stand to win the elections, 2) Can Donetsk elites make there way back to political stage and take a revenge, 3) What kind of games local oligarchs are likely to play, 4) Who of the candidates has been introduced to the international audience and has a better international image?

A rising economy: known and emerging risks

The European Dialogue Expert Group monitors and prepares quarterly updates on the economic situation in Ukraine, a country which openly declared its adherence to the vector of European development. Today’s analysis looks into economic trends and events that are unfolding in the country

Ukraine Today: Key Trends. Bulletin №5

Traditionally summer in Ukraine is a politically quiet period. However, this year it is different. Finally, political heavyweight, the incumbent president has joined the presidential race and almost right away regained his second from the top position in the polls. Julia Timoshenko keeps the lead and openly declares her confidence in the future victory, but the overall situation is far from being that clear. Vladimir Putin’s compadre, Victor Medvedchuk is now among those who claim the remaining votes of the Party of Regions, a move that threatens to split the pro-Moscow opposition to the current authorities

Ukraine embraced by populists

Populism has been an integral part of Ukraine’s public policy from the very beginning of the country’s sovereignty. What kind of Ukrainian values have supported it? Why conventional left-wing parties lost their ground to the populists? What is happening on the populistic front now? You will find answers to these and other questions in our analytical article

The Quadrologue. What values provide a common European future

“European Dialogue” Expert Group and Konrad Adenauer Foundation have completed a joint project focused on studying populism as a contemporary European and Russian phenomenon. As the result of the study early in 2018 a team of European and Russian experts published a book “Populism as a Common Challenge”. The European Dialogue website presents the ninth chapter of the book, in which Nickolay Petrov, political scientist, professor, Higher School of Economics, and member of our expert group looks into the nuances of Russian populism, revealing how it has been manifesting itself and anchoring in substitutes since 1999

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