Thirty years of the post-Soviet Europe

Major historical events that happened 30 years ago in 1989 to a large extent determined the way Europe looks today. It was the year when Mikhail Gorbachev started his political reform. Our new project will help to understand how that turned out and what lessons should be learnt for the future

Connection to Europe

Radio Freedom ran a broadcast called “Born after the USSR” about our contest for European-minded experts. Eugene Gontmakher, member of the Steering Committee of the European Dialogue Expert Group, Kiril Zarifullin, one of the laureates, and Taisia Shentseva, a journalist and participant of the award ceremony, took part in the program

Can Italy’s “Government of Change” change all of Europe?

On March 1st it will be 9 months since Italy’s Government of Change took up its duties. Very few in Europe expected to see a coalition of left and right Eurosceptics calling into question the basic principles of European integration in the government of one of the EU founding states, which had been run by the centrists for over 30 years

Time to meet! Ambassador of Austria to Russia Dr. Johannes Aigner

Our next interview in the Dialogues with Ambassadors series will take place on March 1st. This time the European Dialogue Expert Group will interview Dr. Johannes Aigner, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Austria to Russia. Before the interview we publish the ambassador’s biography

Chicanery at the Élysée Palace

By criticising the response of the presidential administration to the Benalla affair the Senate has infringed upon the separation of powers. This is what the government of the Fifth Republic stated after choosing to dodge away from discussing the essence of the report prepared by Philippe Bas’s Senate Commission and deciding to pick on its form

Open interview with Alexander Asmolov. Video

On the 21st of February Eugene Gontmakher, member of the European Dialogue Expert Group interviewed Alexander Asmolov, former deputy minister of education and head of Personality Psychology Department, Moscow State University. Click here to watch the video

«Inequality is not just about a skewed distribution of income. This is down do a serious imbalance of a political system»

Conference “Basic income as a prologue to XXI-century social policy” was held in November last year by the Higher School of Economics with support from the The European Dialogue Expert Group and Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Russia. We have already published the key points and conclusions and now we are delighted to offer you transcripts of keynote speakers’ presentations as part of Unconditional Basic Income, a special project undertaken by the Group. Grigory Udin, senior researcher, Laboratory of socio-economic studies, Higher School of Economics, participated in the discussion having highlighted political risks associated with implementation of basic income

«I am not going anywhere!» What is the plan for evacuating the British Queen in case a no-deal Brexit goes wrong?

Andrey Baklitsky and Oleg Shakirov have released their Peace Enforcement podcast, the first podcast in Russia on international security. Every week they discuss international relations and security matters in the context of different countries including European ones and also tell the most interesting stories on this subject that they managed to come across. Here is a transcript of one of their talks on the plan of evacuating the British Queen from London under the threat of a hard no-deal Brexit

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