Euro Digest. A collection of publications on Russia and Europe for the last two weeks of October and beginning of November

The new issue of the Euro Digest: surprising results polling results in the European Parliament, the implications of Mrs Merkel's step down as party leader, populism as a systemic response to liberalism, election strategies of traditional parties, Britain’s chances for a better deal and more. If you lack time to read long texts, we will give you the gist and key take-aways

Ukrainian elites and the presidential campaign

Our Ukraine Today issue focuses on the upcoming presidential elections. We tried to find answers to four questions: 1. What chances does Petro Poroshenko stand to win the elections, 2) Can Donetsk elites make there way back to political stage and take a revenge, 3) What kind of games local oligarchs are likely to play, 4) Who of the candidates has been introduced to the international audience and has a better international image?

Instead of war. Why exchange of sanctions between states has become so popular nowadays?

Politicians from major countries have ignited trade and sanction wars on both sides of the Atlantic. The most qualified legal experts are looking into the intricacies of the increasing number of trade restrictions, trying to find loopholes or establish workarounds. We asked Vladimir Morozov, program coordinator, Russian Council on International Affairs why sanctions and trade restrictions have all of a sudden become so popular

Drinking by the rules. How alcohol industry is regulated in Russia and Europe?

Strict regulation of alcohol sales have accustomed Russians to show passport whilst buying alcohol to confirm their legal drinking age. However, coming to a European country like Italy you can forget about this rule. At the same time Europeans tend to get very surprised that in Russia buying alcoholic drinks is hardly a problem despite all the restrictions. People from the Northern Europe are surprised the most as in their countries alcohol is normally sold in dedicated and often remotely located stores. Our Awareness Campaign column looks into the reasons for taking so different approaches to alcohol regulation and informal attitude to alcohol

A state governed by the rule of law: is this mission totally impossible?

On February 27, 2018, the third anniversary of assassination of Boris Nemtsov, prominent Russian politician, social activist and true citizen, Sakharov centre in Moscow hosted a scientific conference on matters of building a state governed by the rule of law in Russia. Leading Russian legal experts, historians, sociologists, liberal politicians and social activists reviewed a number of key aspects related to the future of the rule of law in Russia

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