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Conference in Yale. Start the study of Russia in one of the leading universities in the USA

Yale University held a large international conference «Regime Evolution, Institutional Change, and Social Transformation in Russia: Lessons for Political Science», which was attended by forty leading experts and researches from the USA, Canada, the UK, Russia, and Ukraine, including Lucan Way (University of Toronto), Henry Hale (GWU, USA), Sam Greene (Kings College, London), Steve Hanson (William and Mary, USA), Tim Frye (Columbia University, New York), Tom Gram (Yale), Celeste Wallander (U.S.-Russia Foundation), Peter Rutland (Wesleyan, USA). From the Russian side the conference was attended by Vladimir Gelman, Olga Malinova, Andrey Melvil, Vyacheslav Morozov, Oleg Harhordin, Boris Kapustin, who is currently a professor in Yale, and a member of the “European Dialogue” group Nickolay Petrov

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