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Time to meet each other: Marcus Ederer, EU ambassador to Russia

On Monday, on September 24th Blagosfera centre will host an open interview with Marcus Ederer, EU ambassador to Russia. The interview will kick-off “From the European Point of View” series of talks, which was organised by the European Dialogue expert group with support from Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Strong cities — a key condition for the successful development of the state

The institute of local administration forms the foundation, which supports the state governance system. It is local authorities who engage in communication with people, deal with discontent and are the first to see and accept public response to the governmental initiatives. Not only it is important to ensure their stability but also leave them with the functionality, which was defined through many years of global development. In Russia the role of local administration bodies as self-sufficient institution and an important component of social and governing structure is frequently ignored, laments Emil Markwart, President of European Club of Experts in Local Self-Government and professor from RANEPA. He argues that legislation on local administration bodies becomes a barrier, which restrains urban growth in Russia

XXI century is the age of women

At first feminist movement in Russia was merely ignored, then it was ridiculed. In recent years it has proven itself worthy of respect. So its next stage as a female movement is predetermined. However, there is nothing to fear, as explained by Natalia Pushkareva, professor and founder of Russian school of the history of feminism

Experience of the Old World. Why are European pensioners richer than Russians?

"European Dialogue" talked to Eugene Yakushev, director of Safmar, non-state pension fund, exploring the feasibility of emulating the experience of European pension systems in Russia. The expert has clarified the key principles of three-module system of pension savings, the way it is implemented in Russia, and talked about possible future convergence of Russian and European pension systems against the background of introducing unconditional basic income

How Russian federalism is being reformed

A detailed account of the difference between Russian and European federalism as well as an answer to the question why economic decentralization in Russia should happen before political one, as explained by Irina Busygina, one of leading Russian political scientists and regional experts

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