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Eugene Gontmakher: Russia stands to make a civilisational choice

The European Dialogue expert group together with Blagosfera centre and supported by Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Germany, kicks off series of public talks called “From the European Point of View”. The Snob magazine provides information coverage to the event and during the first talk Eugene Gontmakher, Professor, Higher School of Economics, and a member of the European Dialogue expert group looks into the significance of “Russia belongs in Europe” narrative in the context of defining Russian national idea

Will Russia ever be back in Europe?

Will Russia be back in Europe in foreseeable future? We do not mean it in geographical sense of this word, since geographically Russia has always been, is and, most probably, will remain a European country. We look at it in terms of reaccepting EU values and institutions by Russia, and Russia getting back on the track of integration with the European West , which Moscow defiantly left several years ago, metaphorically slamming the door behind itself by taking action in Crimea and Donbas. This matter has more applied rather than academic significance as depending on the estimate of how likely Russia is to reunite with Europe both Moscow and Brussels may opt for a variety of rational short-term strategies

There is No "Reform" in Russia's Recent "Pension Reform" Bill | Interview with Evgeny Gontmakher

Maria Lipman speaks with Evgeny Gontmacher about the political and socioeconomic implications of raising the retirement age. Gontmacher is the deputy director responsible for social policy projects and recommendations at Aleksei Kudrin’s Committee of Civil Initiatives. Over 1992-2003, he held positions as Head of Department at the Russian Ministry of Labor, Deputy Chair at the Presidential Council for Social Policy, and Head of Department at the Russian Government Administration

EU, Baltics, Poland target Russia grid separation by 2025

The Baltic nations, Poland and the European Commission agreed Thursday (28 June) on a roadmap to synchronise the region’s electricity network with the rest of continental Europe’s by 2025 and end their reliance on the Russian grid

Software Vulnerability Disclosure in Europe: Technology, Policies and Legal Challenges

This report puts forward the analysis and recommendations for the design and implementation of a forward-looking policy on software vulnerability disclosure (SVD) in Europe. It is the result of extensive deliberations among the members of a Task Force formed by CEPS in September 2017, including industry experts, representatives of EU and international institutions, academics, civil society organisations and practitioners

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