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Vladimir Posner: I have no doubts that Russia belongs in Europe

Is there anything similar between today’s events and the situation before World War I? Are there true russophobes in Europe? Why the French are not like the Norwegians, and why the Russians are not like the first two and yet all of them are still Europeans? Eugene Gontmakher, member of the European Dialogue Expert Group meets to Vladimir Posner in the framework of “From the European Point of view” series of talks

A trillion reasons to laugh. Norway launches a comedy series about the world’s richest pension fund

The public knows very few engaging and comprehensible movies about investment and financial operations. “Wall Street” with its sequel “Money Never Sleeps” comes to mind first, followed by “Wolf of Wall Street”, “The Big Short”, “Billions” from Showtime, and maybe “Margin Call”. Russian people may add “ПираМММида” to this list. Norway recently made an unexpected contribution to this number by launching a comedy series about Government Pension Fund Global, the world’s largest sovereign fund, formally called pension fund of Norway

Protesters in Bosnia and Herzegovina have remained unquelled for over six month. Why?

Unrest in Serbian Republic started in March 2018 with single-man protests gradually turning into a largest political demonstration in recent years. Protesters want to see justice restored. The ruling party has won elections defying forecasts of having been impacted by the unrest, which indicates a growing rift inside the country. For more details please refer to the article

What should a new treaty on conventional forces in Europe be like?

In March 2019 there will be 4 years since the Treaty on Conventional forces in Europe, one of the major documents signed in the wake of the cold war became essentially invalid. Formally the treaty remains in place, however Russia’s pull out has rendered it irrelevant. The Profile experts looked into the issue of working out restrictions on conventional forces in Europe and options to implement these restrictions

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