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Some are more equal. What are the first results of the new European regulation on protection of personal details?

Why have the European Union adopted a new regulation on protection of users’ personal data, how can this regulation disrupt the hierarchy of modern internet, and what simple rules should users follow to make sure that their data is safe and secure? Andrey Soldatov, editor-in-chief of Agentura.ru portal and co-author of “The Battle for Runet” answers these and other questions in his interview

Refugees are «outsourced». Populists won the EU?

Mark Simon specially for "European Dialogue" has analysed results of the EU summit on migration. Leaders of the core European countries, first and foremost Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron seem to have given in to the populist pressure from Southern and Eastern Europe and accepted in final communique measures, which are rather a symbolic solution to the migration crisis and can hardly be implemented in reality. However, this temporary victory of the populists and their tactical union is less likely to go any further as the interests of the parties are too diverging and it is unlikely that they will be capable of pushing for solutions of other EU issues in the form they need

In search of a European refuge. How effective are the decisions of the Brussels EU Migration Summit

“European Dialogue” has talked to Olga Gulina, expert from Institute of migration policy (Berlin) about measures to deal with the migration crisis that were agreed at the recent EU migration summit. The expert believes that these measures are mostly of declarative sort and may run into substantial difficulties especially as far as setting up "regional disembarkation platforms" both in and outside Europe is concerned. Besides, magnitude of the migration problem in Europe is overestimated as a string of successful integration cases shows that migrants can become a new driver for the European economy and are even capable of reinvigorating rural areas in a number of European regions, in particular Italy and Spain. To Europe migrants are an asset rather than a burden.