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«Please clean up after yourself». How garbage and waste is collected and processed in the EU

Things like segregated waste collection, labelled and coloured containers for different types of waste, recycling of plastic are slowly but steadily becoming part of reality for the Russians, at least those living in large cities. Responsible consumption has become an integral part of the lEuropean lifestyle both in capitals and towns. Our last article in Awareness Campaign section in 2018 is about the best practices, which Russia can borrow from environmental leaders in Europe

Curbing smoking. Tobacco regulations in Europe and Russia

Having looked into European and Russian regulation over production and sales of alcohol the European Dialogue has set its sights on tobacco smoking. Our next article from Awareness Campaign section describes tobacco regulation in Europe and in Russia

An expert opinion. How does consociational democracy work in Belgium?

After the interview with Jean-Arthur Regibeau, Ambassador of Belgium to Russia, we looked closer at how people live in the country that he represents. We talked to Irina Busygina, Higher School of Economics, political scientist, professor about specificities of political order in Belgium, about consociational democracy and the way it helps the Flemish and the Walloons to get along together

Jean-Arthur Regibeau. “The European Union is not an ideal organisation. It is the best among all possible options but it has its own issues”

Transcript of an interview with Jean-Arthur Regibeau, Ambassador of Kingdom of Belgium to Russia. This interview was part of “From the European Point of View” talks. The idea of the project is to go beyond the boundaries of official diplomacy and establish live communication among Russia and Europe and look at ourselves through the eyes of knowledgable and interested representatives of the Western world

The Shengen Area. How have borders in Europe been lifted and why are they being reinstated?

Success of European integration would be unthinkable had the internal borders remained in place. The EU citizens can easily take a week-end trip to another country without even thinking that citizens of other states have to go through a lengthy and cumbersome procedure of applying for a Shengen visa prior to travelling. As a Shengen visa gives you an opportunity to visit 26 countries it is worth spending time to get one. Europeans have been enjoying the freedom of travel for a long time, however now there is a real danger of the borders being reinstated. Our Awareness Campaign article focuses on the issue of borders inside Europe

Instead of war. Why exchange of sanctions between states has become so popular nowadays?

Politicians from major countries have ignited trade and sanction wars on both sides of the Atlantic. The most qualified legal experts are looking into the intricacies of the increasing number of trade restrictions, trying to find loopholes or establish workarounds. We asked Vladimir Morozov, program coordinator, Russian Council on International Affairs why sanctions and trade restrictions have all of a sudden become so popular

Macron’s Hope. Why has the European Parliament been set in motion eight months before the next election?

As a rule, the election to the European Parliament is an event of interest to political scientists, experts, and quite a small group of the general public and businesspeople. However, the election campaign getting ready to take place in spring and the final vote already make new party coalitions form and their future rivalry concerning the way of development of the European Union in general promises to be fierce indeed. Taisia Shentseva, political scientist looked into the reasons for such interest and the connection with the personal ambitions of Emmanuel Macron and Viktor Orbán

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