«Ukraine today. Key trends» issue #6

We are delighted to offer you the 6th issue of our "Ukraine today. Key trends" bulletin. This bulletin draws a line under Ukraine's performance in 2018. In this issue: how well do Ukrainian authorities, parties and elite groups fare in the election tests, what happens to the Ukrainian economy, how well many social reforms are progressing, including the decentralization reform, one of the most popular of all. We are closely watching Ukraine so in the end of the bulletin you will find some facts and figures, the results of the health-check that we performed on Ukraine

Liberalism. Theoretical foundation of the liberal world order

Another seminar from "XXI century liberal agenda" series of events took place. The seminar was organized by the European Dialogue Expert Group with support from Friedrich Naumann Foundation Russia. As usual it was a meeting between Russian and European experts who this time discussed crisis of liberal values in the context of international relations. Here are six key points of this two-hour discussion for your attention

“The basic income does not replace existing social care means, it adds to them”

Conference “Basic income as a prologue to XXI-century social policy” was held in November last year by the Higher School of Economics with support from the The European Dialogue Expert Group and Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Russia. We have already published its key points and conclusions and now we are delighted to offer you transcripts of keynote speakers’ presentations as part of Unconditional Basic Income, a special project undertaken by the Group. Ruslan Yemtsov, lead economist and team leader for social protection at the World Bank spoke on the preliminary results of the World Bank’s study of what potential the concept of basic income has in developed, developing, and poor countries

Cinema. What is the difference between Russian and European cinema industries?

Nominations of Academy Awards, world’s most prestigious cinema award, have recently been announced. European movies make it to the final shortlist every year. This year the nomination was won by “The Favourite” by Yorgos Lathimos. Usually European movies always stand out in shortlists for Foreign Language Film nomination. In recent years Russian films have also been short listed, however, as compared to European film industry its Russian peer produces considerably less films that catch the eye of the Academy Awards jury. Why so? We tried to answer this question and looked into what could be done to change the situation for the better

President Macron attempts to kill three birds with one stone

Macron’s France is getting mired in conflicts both internal and international. In its dispute with Italy France went as far as recalling its ambassador, whereas the controversy it had with Berlin resulted in President Macron not attending the Munich security conference. Internally the government failed to quell the yellow vest protesters, and any concessions made to them become a costly burden for the budget. President Macron unexpectedly decided to hold a national referendum in the end of May. Mark Entin looks into the details of Frances domestic policy and describes how he sees the objectives of the referendum

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