Alexander Asmolov: A university that risks turning into a hypermarket is doomed

On the 21st of February in Blagosfera center Eugene Gontmakher, member of the European Dialogue Expert Group interviewed Alexander Asmolov, former deputy minister of education and head of Personality Psychology Department, Moscow State University. This is the sixth interview in the string of "From the European point of view" talks organized by the European Dialogue Expert Group with support from Konrad Adenauer Foundation Russia. The next interview scheduled for March 21 will be with Mikhail Piotrovsky, director of the Hermitage State Museum

The ceremony of awarding young European-minded experts. Video

On February 12th Delegation of the European Union to Russia hosted the ceremony of giving awards to the winners of "Russia, Europe, World" contest for young European-minded experts. The contest was organized by the European Dialogue Expert Group and the EU Delegation to Russia with support from Heinrich Bolle Foundation. Down this link you will find a video from the event

Ricardo Gutierrez. Russia is not the only country where mass media freedom is deteriorating

What challenges does present-day journalism face, is there any difference between traditional and new mass media, freedom of speech in Europe, independence of state-owned mass media, and what is a journalist's mission. Eugene Gontmakher talked to Ricardo Gutierrez, General Secretary of the European Federation of Journalists. This talk continues a sequence of interviews within the framework of "From the European Point of View" project

«Ukraine today. Key trends» issue #6

We are delighted to offer you the 6th issue of our "Ukraine today. Key trends" bulletin. This bulletin draws a line under Ukraine's performance in 2018. In this issue: how well do Ukrainian authorities, parties and elite groups fare in the election tests, what happens to the Ukrainian economy, how well many social reforms are progressing, including the decentralization reform, one of the most popular of all. We are closely watching Ukraine so in the end of the bulletin you will find some facts and figures, the results of the health-check that we performed on Ukraine

Liberalism. Theoretical foundation of the liberal world order

Another seminar from "XXI century liberal agenda" series of events took place. The seminar was organized by the European Dialogue Expert Group with support from Friedrich Naumann Foundation Russia. As usual it was a meeting between Russian and European experts who this time discussed crisis of liberal values in the context of international relations. Here are six key points of this two-hour discussion for your attention

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