What should a new treaty on conventional forces in Europe be like?

In March 2019 there will be 4 years since the Treaty on Conventional forces in Europe, one of the major documents signed in the wake of the cold war became essentially invalid. Formally the treaty remains in place, however Russia’s pull out has rendered it irrelevant. The Profile experts looked into the issue of working out restrictions on conventional forces in Europe and options to implement these restrictions

Curbing smoking. Tobacco regulations in Europe and Russia

Having looked into European and Russian regulation over production and sales of alcohol the European Dialogue has set its sights on tobacco smoking. Our next article from Awareness Campaign section describes tobacco regulation in Europe and in Russia

An expert opinion. How does consociational democracy work in Belgium?

After the interview with Jean-Arthur Regibeau, Ambassador of Belgium to Russia, we looked closer at how people live in the country that he represents. We talked to Irina Busygina, Higher School of Economics, political scientist, professor about specificities of political order in Belgium, about consociational democracy and the way it helps the Flemish and the Walloons to get along together

Jean-Arthur Regibeau. “The European Union is not an ideal organisation. It is the best among all possible options but it has its own issues”

Transcript of an interview with Jean-Arthur Regibeau, Ambassador of Kingdom of Belgium to Russia. This interview was part of “From the European Point of View” talks. The idea of the project is to go beyond the boundaries of official diplomacy and establish live communication among Russia and Europe and look at ourselves through the eyes of knowledgable and interested representatives of the Western world

Social welfare services. Lagging reforms

Healthcare, education, and pension reforms are always in the spotlight of public opinion, whereas changes in social welfare services seldom become a topic of fierce debates. In Ukraine the new act on social welfare services for people in troubled situations was introduced to parliament, then called off and then submitted again. It passed first reading only in March 2017 and decision was taken to speed up preparation of the final version. However, hardly any progress was made after a year and a half

Liberalism and nationalism. Theories of nation

The European Dialogue Expert Group is preparing to publish a book on liberalism and concepts of freedom in XXI century. Over the course of this year leading economists, political and social scientists have been discussing processes which are unfolding in liberal states as well as challenges faced by them. Within a string of four publications we would like to offer you one of the chapters of this book, in which Emil Panin and Vladimir Ryzhkov discuss the scope of liberal and nationalistic ideas in modern world

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