Russia and Europe

European values of modern Russian society: word and deed

At first glance, when it comes to values, Russia may seem very close to Europe. However, the case is far from being that clear. Nickolay Petrov talks at a conference in Berlin about how Europe is seen in Russia from the perspective of space, time, and ideology.

Russia, Europe and America: the game of identities

At a conference in Berlin Ivan Kurilla talks about mental concept of geography. He believes in a triangle formed by Russia, Europe, and America, in which every structural region perceives the remaining world with a cautious regard to the views of its “neighbours”. If so, then Russia can also be defined as a conglomerate of nations and territories, which for various reasons failed to become part of Europe

June 2018: overview of publications about Russia and Europe

“European Dialogue” presents a digest of the most substantial surveys and texts on Europe and Russia. In June digest we
- analyse debates in the wake of EU migration summit
- talk about recent sociological surveys on common European identity
- analyse experts' recommendations on renewing EU and Russia’s policy towards buffer or "common neighbourhood” states
- watch Russia change a pro-European vector for an anti-European one within just 25 years
- review opinions on issues existing both inside Europe and between EU and Russia among young Russian researches

Berlin. Round Table on the European Future of Russia

In June 18-19, 2018 “European Dialogue” expert group and Konrad Adenauer Foundation organised a joint conference themed “Is Russia a European Country?”, where experts discussed civilisational options available to Russia and values of its people.