Russia and Europe

Andreas Umland: Towards a Kyiv-Berlin Axis?

Andreas Umland, a Nonresident Fellow at the Institute of International Relations in Prague, Principal Researcher of the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation in Kyiv, Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Jena, as well as General Editor of the book series “Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society” and “Ukrainian Voices”, prepared counterintuitive deliberations on a possible future partnership between Ukraine and Germany.

Putin the Great

Susan B. Glasser for Foreign Affairs explained why the West underestimated Putin

Chernobyl on ice: Russia’s new floating nuclear plant

The Russian government granted an operating licence for the world’s only floating nuclear power plant. Greenpeace has called it “Chernobyl on ice”. So why have the Russians done it? Why Arctic zone is so crucial to Russia? Oscar Voss explains for ECFR.

Why the interdependence of the EU and Russia doesn’t lead to regional stability

Estonian Foreign Policy Institute published the book “Post-Crimea Shift in EU-Russia Relations: From Fostering Interdependence to Managing Vulnerabilities”. The liberal theory supposes that the interdependence had to contribute to regional stability and possibly even the democratization of Russia. Why the expected positive effects of interdependence have not materialized is the main question raised up in the book.

Sergey Utkin: Russian debate on Europe

Dr Sergey Utkin, the Head of the Strategic Assessment Section at the Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), analyzed what the political elite thinks about the “West” for the European Leadership Network.

Cinema. What is the difference between Russian and European cinema industries?

Nominations of Academy Awards, world’s most prestigious cinema award, have recently been announced. European movies make it to the final shortlist every year. This year the nomination was won by “The Favourite” by Yorgos Lathimos. Usually European movies always stand out in shortlists for Foreign Language Film nomination. In recent years Russian films have also been short listed, however, as compared to European film industry its Russian peer produces considerably less films that catch the eye of the Academy Awards jury. Why so? We tried to answer this question and looked into what could be done to change the situation for the better

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