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“If a country doesn’t have a strong legislative branch or separation of powers, it should not implement basic income”

Conference “Basic income as a prologue to XXI-century social policy” was held in November last year by the Higher School of Economics with support from the The European Dialogue Expert Group and Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Russia. We have already published the key points and conclusions and now we are delighted to offer you transcripts of keynote speakers’ presentations as part of Unconditional Basic Income, a special project undertaken by the Group. Eugene Gontmakher, Higher School of Economics, Professor, was the first speaker at the conference. He focused on myths and legends about basic income, the benefits it can provide, and prerequisites for its implementation.

Liberalism and religion in XXI century

Can liberalism offer individuals, society, church and religion a reliable way to coexist and cooperate? Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the European Dialogue Expert Group organised a round table discussion in order to find an answer to this question bringing together scientists, journalists, European politicians, theologians, and ministers of various religions. We launch a series of publications on the results of the this round table with the first one focusing on the problem setting.

The dark side of decentralisation

Every reform has light and dark sides of its own and Ukrainian decentralisation reform is hardly an exception. We have already told you about its light side and now it is time to take a look at the dark one

Social welfare services. Lagging reforms

Healthcare, education, and pension reforms are always in the spotlight of public opinion, whereas changes in social welfare services seldom become a topic of fierce debates. In Ukraine the new act on social welfare services for people in troubled situations was introduced to parliament, then called off and then submitted again. It passed first reading only in March 2017 and decision was taken to speed up preparation of the final version. However, hardly any progress was made after a year and a half

Liberalism and nationalism. Theories of nation

The European Dialogue Expert Group is preparing to publish a book on liberalism and concepts of freedom in XXI century. Over the course of this year leading economists, political and social scientists have been discussing processes which are unfolding in liberal states as well as challenges faced by them. Within a string of four publications we would like to offer you one of the chapters of this book, in which Emil Panin and Vladimir Ryzhkov discuss the scope of liberal and nationalistic ideas in modern world

The turning point. Chronicles of the Ukrainian revolution

The European Dialogue Expert Group supported publishing of the most comprehensive account of events that took place in Ukraine in 2013-2015and are now known as the Revolution of Dignity. In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the Euromaidan revolution we publish an excerpt from the final chapter of this book. A number of authors have contributed to the publication under the editorship of Georgy Chizhov

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