Putin the Great

Susan B. Glasser for Foreign Affairs explained why the West underestimated Putin

Digital transformation and connectivity: Prospects for economic interaction between the EU and Russia in times of sanctions?

EU-Russia Experts Network on Foreign Policy (EUREN) published the summary of the 9th EUREN meeting devoted to economic relations between the EU and Russia. The participants agreed that cooperation in the digital sphere could be advantageous for both the EU and Russia. How the first steps can look like? What are the main problems in economic relations between the EU and Russia? And what is the prospect of lifting sanctions? Read in the report.

Chernobyl on ice: Russia’s new floating nuclear plant

The Russian government granted an operating licence for the world’s only floating nuclear power plant. Greenpeace has called it “Chernobyl on ice”. So why have the Russians done it? Why Arctic zone is so crucial to Russia? Oscar Voss explains for ECFR.

Sergey Utkin: Russian debate on Europe

Dr Sergey Utkin, the Head of the Strategic Assessment Section at the Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), analyzed what the political elite thinks about the “West” for the European Leadership Network.

The EU and Russia cannot go back to “business as usual”

European Council on Foreign Relations published a new article about EU-Russia relations. The EU and Russia cannot go back to “business as usual” so they need a new model reflecting the changes that have occurred. Kadri Liik describes how the new model can look like.