It Takes a World to End a Pandemic

Возможно, впервые в современной истории весь мир сосредоточен на решении одной проблемы — пандемия коронавируса. Махлет Месфин, приглашенный научный сотрудник в Центре дипломатии и глобального взаимодействия Пенн Байдена, написала для Foreign Affairs, какую роль играет научное сообщество и что необходимо сделать прямо сейчас

Махлет Месфин, Foreign Affairs

For perhaps the first time in modern history, the entire, interconnected world is focused on solving a single problem. The novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and the disease it causes, COVID-19, have transfixed the global community, as leaders and citizens seek to respond to a threat whose dimensions are neither entirely certain nor entirely known.

Members of the scientific community around the world are stepping up to find answers to the many questions the pandemic raises. Experts are working together, both inside and outside of laboratories, to provide the best information directly to the public (for example, through the Federation of American Scientists’ crowd-sourced website),  to coordinate global research priorities, and much more. Arguably, no expert community has a more important role to play in finding the solutions the world needs and communicating trustworthy information to the public. 

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