The mistakes started piling up in the earliest days of the pandemic


Политические амбиции и недооценка угрозы пандемии со стороны лидеров Китая, США и Евросоюза привели к катастрофическим последствиям. Всё началось с попытки Китая заставить докторов замолчать об опасности, а продолжилось неадекватной реакцией Соединённых Штатов с неуместной верой некоторых экспертов в американскую исключительность. Это стоило Америке более 530 тысяч жизней, худший результат борьбы с коронавирусом в мире.
Foreign Policy рассказывает о том, какие ошибки допустили передовые страны мира в борьбе с общей угрозой

First came China’s, Annie Sparrow wrote last week, as Beijing concealed the coronavirus, censored information, and silenced doctors, which left the world without warning of what was to come.

When COVID-19 reached the United States, the country’s hubris—and specifically public health experts’ misplaced belief in U.S. exceptionalism—led to one of the worst pandemic responses in the world and more than 530,000 deaths, Ethan Guillén wrote. Blame also rests with former U.S. President Donald Trump, whose negligence amid the country’s third wave this winter, Foreign Policy’s Laurie Garrett has argued, amounts to pandemicide.

Since then, vaccine rollouts have begun, though not always as planned. Europe, for instance, has botched its vaccine program thanks to overzealous regulation, export controls, under-procurement, and, most recently, the decision to halt administration of Britain’s AstraZeneca vaccines, Eyck Freymann and Elettra Ardissino wrote last week. Leaders worldwide are succumbing to vaccine nationalism, as World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus argued in February, which must end in order to beat COVID-19 once and for all.

The Chinese Government’s Cover-Up Killed Health Care Workers Worldwide Bad advice based on false information led to fatal mistakes.
By Annie Sparrow

U.S. Exceptionalism Created Deadly COVID-19 Failures The U.S. calamity wasn’t Trump’s fault alone—but it doesn’t have to happen again.
By Ethan Guillén

Trump Is Guilty of Pandemicide History will show the former U.S. president was staggeringly negligent during the pandemic’s deadly third wave.
By Laurie Garrett

Once Again, Europe Is Sabotaging Its Own Vaccine Rollout The decision to halt administration of AstraZeneca vaccines is unscientific, will derail the reopening, and could result in thousands of unnecessary deaths.
By Eyck Freymann and Elettra Ardissino

Vaccine Nationalism Harms Everyone and Protects No One The World Health Organization’s chief argues that hoarding vaccines isn’t just immoral—it’s medically self-defeating.
By Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Photo: Laurent Cipriani/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

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