‘Hydrogen valley’ projects sprout up across Europe


Сегодня в Европе есть около 20 проектов по созданию водородных долин, призванных заменить традиционные источники энергии. Нидерланды заявляют о себе как о лидерах в этой сфере — в этой стране есть 5 таких проектов. Эти амбициозные идеи, тем не менее, сталкиваются со множеством препятствий: им недостаёт инвестиций и покупателей. К сожалению, реализация проектов пока идёт медленно: полностью запущены и работают только 4 водородные долины. Euractiv рассказывает о перспективах и проблемах водородной энергетики

Projects to create a full hydrogen value chain combining production, infrastructure and use all in one region are sprouting up across Europe, but more needs to be done to accelerate their development, according to supporters.

There are just over 20 hydrogen valley projects in Europe and a further two in the UK, many of which are located around ports, according to the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, a public-private partnership researching hydrogen technology.

These projects, once matured, aim to form small hydrogen hubs that could act as stepping stones towards an EU-wide hydrogen economy.

“It is key to realise the decarbonisation of our society fast and clean hydrogen will be one of the key elements,” said Bart Biebuyck, executive director of the FCH/JU.

The partnership has published a report on the progress of hydrogen valleys, which classifies them under three types: small scale, localised projects focused on mobility; localised, but medium scale projects looking at industry; and much larger scale projects aimed at international export.

“The Hydrogen Valley landscape is growing [and] is increasingly driven by the private sector,” the report says. “Hydrogen Valleys will significantly mature over the 2020s, due to an increasing number of projects overall and because announced projects themselves grow in size and complexity,” it adds.

Europe has the highest global concentration of these projects, according to the Hydrogen Valleys Platform, which shares best practices and data from 34 projects in 19 countries across the world.

And the Netherlands is positioning itself as a European leader, with five hydrogen valley projects ongoing in places like the port of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the gas region of Groeningen.

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