EU countries call for ‘permanent ban’ on fur farming


Нидерланды и Австрия предлагают ЕС запретить в Европе разведение животных для меха. Похоже, что эта идея будет поддержана большинством стран. Некоторые из них, например, Словакия и Ирландия уже сами собираются в 2022 — 2025 гг. принять закон о запрете такой деятельности. Однако, есть и заметное меньшинство среди членов ЕС, которое выступает против такого предложения: это Румыния, Греция и Литва. Некоторые другие страны, такие как Франция, хотят, чтобы будущий закон касался только животных из дикой природы, в то время как разведение таких особей, как кролики запрещать не намерены. EURACTIV изучает перспективы австрийско-голландского предложения

Austria and the Netherlands are leading a coalition of EU countries asking the European Commission to legislate to end fur farming in Europe. They received broad support among other EU member states although some expressed reservations.

The pair presented an information note backed by other countries such as Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg during the last meeting of EU agriculture ministers on Monday (28 June).

German farm minister Julia Klöckner asked for a public debate on fur farming in November when Germany was holding the rotating presidency of the EU Council of Ministers.

In February, the Austrian minister for health Rudolf Anschober also sent an open letter to EU health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides to leap in on the matter.

For ban advocates, “the time has come for the EU to move forward on this topic and express their respect for animal welfare and their willingness to end an economic activity that is, without doubt, harmful for the wellbeing of animals,” the note reads.

Italy, Poland, and Bulgaria expressed full support for the initiative, as well as other countries like Estonia and Slovenia which have already banned fur farming.

“Today there is no justification for breeding animals for fur use and we will give our utmost support to find the legislative instruments for there to be a common position in all member states so that this is no longer allowed,” said Italy’s agriculture minister Stefano Patuanelli in his intervention.

Ireland and Slovakia, which are also supporters of the ban, will be the next EU countries to outlaw raising animals for their fur, in 2022 and in 2025 respectively.

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