EU-UK lost in translation over COVID vaccine certification


19 июля стал «Днём свободы» для британцев, поскольку в этот день большинство коронавирусных ограничений было снято. Это может стать хорошим поводом посетить Великобританию. Путешественникам больше не нужно сидеть 10 дней на карантине по приезду. К сожалению, остаются другие проблемы для туристов. Великобритания не признаёт цифровые COVID-паспорта ЕС. О перспективах развития туризма между ЕС и его бывшим членом читайте в статье EURACTIV

COVID-19 measures are set to lift in England on Monday in what is being dubbed as “freedom day”. But there is still no freedom for EU citizens hoping to travel unhindered to the country as it does not yet recognise EU COVID vaccine certificates.

As part of the loosening of restrictions in the country, from 4 am Monday there is no longer a need to quarantine for 10 days on arrival in England or take a day 8 COVID-19 test provided that travellers have been “fully vaccinated under the UK vaccination programme,” according to the government’s website.

However, there are no such allowances for those that have been vaccinated elsewhere,  leaving EU citizens, and British citizens living abroad, unable to freely travel between the bloc and its former member.

Asked about the latest progress on recognition of the EU digital COVID certificate, a Commission spokesperson told EURACTIV that there are talks ongoing at the technical level with the UK, which are ”progressing well and going in the right direction”.

As regards reciprocity, the spokesperson said that the Commission “indeed expects this from the UK”.

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